Hummingbird eggs

Two Anna’s Hummingbird eggs are visible in the reflection of a small mirror held above the nest. This close up picture shows the lined interior of the nest.

Picture of two Anna's Hummingbird eggs reflected in mirror held above nest

The female constructed the nest out of plant materials, spider web, and feathers. The nest is less than 2 inches (5 cm) across. We discovered the nest in our yard in January 2012. It was used by a female Anna’s Hummingbird for at least two broods of two chicks each.  We watched the first set of chicks through February, with the chicks leaving the nest in late February.

The hummingbird eggs pictured here were the second brood in this nest.  This batch was laid in April and hatched in late April.  The hummingbird chicks left the nest in late May 2012.

Go here to see a nest compared to a coin.

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